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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
2012Western European Men's ChampionshipsOpen-74kg767.5553.90 W.Pts1
2017World Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 1-74kg752.5541.80 W.Pts1
2017European Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 1-74kg752.5543.61 W.Pts1
2015European Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 1-74kg752.5543.00 W.Pts1
2016World Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 1-74kg750.0540.38 W.Pts1
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
07.10.2019World Masters Men's ChampionshipsPotchefstroom, South AfricaM1-74kg275.01190.01235.03700.01 
03.07.2019European Men's Masters ChampionshipsSibiu, RomaniaM1-74kg282.51212.51235.04730.01-
03.07.2018European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM1-74kg280.01207.51242.53730.01-
01.10.2017World Masters Men's ChampionshipsSundsvall, SwedenM1-74kg300.01207.51245.05752.51 
11.07.2017European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM1-74kg300.01205.01247.51752.51 
03.10.2016World Masters Men's ChampionshipsTallinn, EstoniaM1-74kg290.01207.52252.53750.01 
12.07.2016European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM1-74kg275.01210.01255.01740.01 
28.09.2015World Masters Men's ChampionshipsAurora, USAM1-74kg295.01210.01245.03750.02 
10.07.2015European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM1-74kg292.51207.51252.52752.51 
17.09.2014World Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM1-74kg290.01210.01245.04745.01-
04.07.2014European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM1-74kg290.01205.01245.03740.01-
06.07.2013European Masters Men's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgM1-74kg290.01210.01250.03750.01 
23.09.2012Western European Men's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgO-74kg310.01215.01242.54767.51-
05.05.2012European Open Men's ChampionshipsMariupol, UkraineO-74kg307.54205.04125.09637.59-
03.05.201134th European Open Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO-66kg270.02172.5125.060.0 
14.10.200737th World Open Men's ChampionshipsSoelden, AustriaO-67.5kg287.52177.55230.014695.05 
05.11.200636th World Open Men's ChampionshipsStavanger, NorwayO-67.5kg287.53185.04245.08717.54 
16.07.2005World Games /Men's/ 2005Duisburg, GermanyOLight282.53175.05230.08687.55 
18.05.200528th European Open Men's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgO-67.5kg285.03185.04242.55712.54 
09.11.200434th World Open Men's ChampionshipsCape Town, South AfricaO-67.5kg285.02175.04230.010690.04 
04.11.200333th World Open Men's ChampionshipsVejle, DenmarkO-67.5kg280.02175.05242.56697.54 
Date Competition's Title Venue Division W.Class Result Rank DTest
09.10.2018European Men's Bench Press ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgMasters 1-74kg200.01 
14.04.201414th World Masters Men's Bench Press ChampionshipsNorthumberland, Great BritainMasters 1-74kg217.52 
03.10.2021731.0 W M M2 TOT E -74kg73.76Birmingham / Great Britain
03.10.2021731.0 E M M2 TOT E -74kg73.76Birmingham / Great Britain
03.10.2021701.0 E M M2 TOT E -74kg73.76Birmingham / Great Britain
03.10.2021290.5 W M M2 SQ E -74kg73.76Birmingham / Great Britain
03.10.2021290.5 E M M2 SQ E -74kg73.76Birmingham / Great Britain
03.10.2021280.0 E M M2 SQ E -74kg73.76Birmingham / Great Britain
03.10.2021190.5 E M M2 BP3 E -74kg73.76Birmingham / Great Britain
12.10.2013311.0 W M M1 SQ E -74kg73.75Madrid / Spain
12.10.2013311.0 E M M1 SQ E -74kg73.75Madrid / Spain
28.09.2012767.5 E M M1 TOT E -74kg73.66Hamm / Luxembourg
28.09.2012310.0 W M M1 SQ E -74kg73.66Hamm / Luxembourg
28.09.2012310.0 E M M1 SQ E -74kg73.66Hamm / Luxembourg
10.05.2012307.5 E M M1 SQ E -74kg73.20Mariupol / Ukraine
10.05.2012307.5 W M M1 SQ E -74kg73.20Mariupol / Ukraine
15.12.2011300.0 W M M1 SQ E -74kg73.50Bournemouth / Great Britain
15.12.2011300.0 E M M1 SQ E -74kg73.50Bournemouth / Great Britain

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