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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
2011Western European Men's ChampionshipsOpen-120kg877.5505.09 W.Pts1
2011European Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 2-120kg872.5503.96 W.Pts1
200927th World Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 2-125kg862.5494.56 W.Pts1
2012European Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 2-120kg852.5493.77 W.Pts1
201028th World Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 2-125kg832.5480.44 W.Pts1
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
03.07.2019European Men's Masters ChampionshipsSibiu, RomaniaM3-120kg250.01192.52232.52675.01 
03.07.2018European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-120kg265.03197.55220.07682.55 
14.09.2017Western European Men's Equipped ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgO-120kg260.02195.02210.02665.02 
11.07.2017European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-120kg270.02200.05220.06690.06 
03.10.2016World Masters Men's ChampionshipsTallinn, EstoniaM2-120kg270.05200.04240.05710.05 
12.07.2016European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-120kg300.01210.03240.04750.02 
10.07.2015European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-120kg270.02200.03240.03710.02 
11.09.2013Western European Men's ChampionshipsBlanquefort, FranceO-120kg300.05207.57260.06767.55 
06.07.2013European Masters Men's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgM2-120kg320.01210.01280.01810.01 
04.05.2013European Open Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO-120kg340.011215.014280.013835.014 
24.10.2012World Open Men's ChampionshipsAguadilla, Puerto RicoO-120kg350.010220.012295.012865.013 
23.09.2012Western European Men's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgO-120kg357.52220.06300.06877.55 
15.07.2012European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-120kg335.01222.51295.02852.51 
05.05.2012European Open Men's ChampionshipsMariupol, UkraineO-120kg340.09220.011300.010860.010 
05.11.2011World Open Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO-120kg350.010200.021310.012860.017 
13.09.2011Western European Men's ChampionshipsCuijk, NetherlandsO-120kg355.01222.54300.03877.51 
05.07.2011European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-120kg350.01220.01302.51872.51 
03.05.201134th European Open Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO-120kg355.010215.015300.013870.013 
07.11.201040th World Open Men's ChampionshipsPotchefstroom, South AfricaO-125kg345.09220.012302.59867.59 
27.09.201028th World Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-125kg320.01212.53300.02832.51-
02.11.200939th World Open Men's ChampionshipsNew Delhi, IndiaO-125kg345.09212.59280.09837.59 
28.09.200927th World Masters Men's ChampionshipsOstrava, CzechiaM2-125kg365.01217.52280.03862.51 
31.10.200838th World Open Men's ChampionshipsSt.John's NL, CanadaO-125kg350.07220.07305.08875.07 
01.07.200821st European Masters Men's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgM1-125kg340.01217.52310.03867.52 
05.11.200636th World Open Men's ChampionshipsStavanger, NorwayO-125kg310.09220.010295.09825.09 
20.07.20061st Western European Men's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgO-125kg342.51220.02290.03852.52 
08.11.200535th World Open Men's ChampionshipsMiami, Florida, USAO-125kg310.017210.015280.014800.015 
18.05.200528th European Open Men's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgO-125kg320.07200.06280.06800.06 
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
09.03.2020European Masters Men's Classic ChampionshipsAlbi, FranceM3-120kg236.02165.01225.02626.02 
05.03.2019European Masters Men's Classic ChampionshipsGyor, HungaryM3-120kg233.51170.01220.04623.51 
29.09.2012877.5 E M M2 TOT E -120kg118.86Hamm / Luxembourg Past
29.09.2012357.5 E M M2 SQ E -120kg118.86Hamm / LuxembourgCurrent
29.09.2012357.5 W M M2 SQ E -120kg118.86Hamm / Luxembourg Past
07.07.2011872.5 E M M2 TOT E -120kg117.71Pilsen / Czechia Past
07.05.2011870.0 E M M2 TOT E -120kg119.16Pilsen / Czechia Past
07.05.2011355.0 W M M2 SQ E -120kg119.16Pilsen / Czechia Past
07.05.2011355.0 E M M2 SQ E -120kg119.16Pilsen / Czechia Past
07.05.2011347.5 E M M2 SQ E -120kg119.16Pilsen / Czechia Past
12.03.2020626.0 E M M3 TOT C -120kg115.45Albi / France Pending
12.03.2020236.0 W M M3 SQ C -120kg115.45Albi / France Pending
12.03.2020236.0 E M M3 SQ C -120kg115.45Albi / France Pending
08.03.2019623.5 E M M3 TOT C -120kg117.40Gyor / HungaryCurrent
08.03.2019613.5 E M M3 TOT C -120kg117.40Gyor / Hungary Past
08.03.2019233.5 W M M3 SQ C -120kg117.40Gyor / Hungary Past
08.03.2019233.5 E M M3 SQ C -120kg117.40Gyor / Hungary Past
08.03.2019215.0 E M M3 SQ C -120kg117.40Gyor / Hungary Past
08.03.2019205.0 E M M3 SQ C -120kg117.40Gyor / Hungary Past

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