Arnold Classic UK - Mens Equipped Bench Press

Birmingham / Great Britain

3 October, 2021

Server Date/Time: UTC
The End Day of Preliminary Nomination:03.08.2021
The End Day of Final Nomination:11.09.2021
14 Days before Technical Meeting:18.09.2021
The Technical Meeting Day:02.10.2021
Division «Open»
1.Grenier Allan1990France 325.0
2.Robinson Harvey1995Great Britain 322.5
3.Regensberger Marco1979Austria 315.0
4.Gibson Michael1987Great Britain 240.0
5.Frost Phillip1962Great Britain 230.0
6.Green Martin1974Great Britain 230.0
7.Hubbard Owen1992Great Britain 230.0
8.Morgan Thomas1996Great Britain 207.5
9.Champ Andy1983Great Britain 205.0
10.Cheema Jasvinder Singh1974Great Britain 202.5
In Division there are 10 Lifters (  In Teams: 10)

The Entry List of Referees

1.Krebs HerbertAustriaCat.IALL
2.Flores Laville NathalieFranceCat.IIAll
3.Klawitter-Thomsen KerstinGermanyCat.IALL
4.Brand MichelleGreat BritainCat.II
5.Ellender MickGreat BritainCat.IAvailable for all categories.
6.Jane KevinGreat BritainCat.IAvailable for all categories.
7.Mathieson AlexGreat BritainCat.IAvailable for all categories.
8.McGill JimGreat BritainCat.I
9.Reilly AdamGreat BritainCat.II
10.Lau WernerLuxembourgCat.IALL
11.Bazaiev SirazhutdinUkraineCat.I03/10 only